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When Morten Harket Hit the High Notes
Project Adorno present a new collection of songs exploiting some of their favourite themes: reminiscence, nostalgia, evocation and memory, the 1980s, school days, celebrity pop stars (real and imagined), the 1980s (again), songs and music about songs and music, the sight of an old Dr Who, the yearning for and euphoria produced by that perfect pop moment...and did I mention the 1980s? We were there, where were you? NB. Best listened to loud on a decent (old fashioned, preferably analogue) music system. June 2020
1. Skinny Ties & Synthesisers
2. So Cabaret
3. Pop Star Confidential
4. Back There
5. Gedge
6. Miss Music
7. Never Go Back
8. Celebrity Girl
9. Euro Bop
10. Sound Engineer
11. So Long Cindy
12. Be an Adult, not a Pop Star
13. Goth Princess
14. The Woolworth Years
15. Soundtrack to the Eighties
16, Before We Grew Up, Before We Grew Old
17. End of the Eighties

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