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Project Adorno have recorded a number of full-length CDs showcasing their music, songs and poetry. 2001 saw their first release Cheap Sweets & Sequencers which had a strong spoken word ethos. This was followed in 2003 by Tales of Tiny Wormholes, a lo-fi sci-fi inspired collection of songs and poems. 2007 saw their next release Underground Overdue featuring songs about libraries and the London Underground and marking a shift in style to a more song-based approach. Arguably their most critically acclaimed collection Shine Bright on Thursdays was released in 2012, a diverse collection including up-tempo cabaret favourites alongside some decidedly introspective moments. 2017 saw the release of Dancing Round the Dining Room, a more downbeat collection, which nevertheless remained eminently danceable. Adornments, a retrospective collection featuring Project Adorno highlights from the past twenty years was released in 2018. See Merchandise page for more details including tracklistings.

CD Reviews

Dancing Round the Dining Room 
Reel Magazine January 2018

Based where London bleeds into Surrey, Praveen Manghani and Russell Thompson superimpose “electronic Beat poetry” onto the increasingly more complex grid of English chanson with a sureness of touch that, as Scott Walker noted of Jacques Brel, “rarely offers solutions yet states the confusion beautifully”.
If nothing else, their use of language per se is tantamount to a vast and entertaining game of patterned phonetics and syllables via a rapid-fire loquacity that, referencing such disparate entities as Magritte (“the geezer to beat”), Larry the Lamb and The Average White Band may seem to place the duo squarely in a region of post-punk literary-musical wit.
Yet there’s an inbuilt originality that places Project Adorno at a tangent to, say, Ian Dury, John Cooper Clarke or Jarvis Cocker and, beyond lyrics, production values are broad enough for old-fashioned guitars (and kazoo solos in autobiographical “Kiddoez & Squain”) to rear up amidst synthesisers and samplings.
Moreover, in keeping with the title, most of the sixteen tracks are eminently danceable; the conspicuous exceptions being “Vauxhall Vox-Pops”, “Chaplin Park Memoirs” and, especially, “Last Great Innings of the Summer” which is pure “Sunny Afternoon” and “Waterloo Sunset”-period Kinks.
Alan Clayson

Underground Overdue
Rock N Reel Magazine 2008

This is the third proper Project Adorno album and once again the eclectic duo of Praveen Manghani and Russell Thompson combine a unique mix of poetry, programmed beats, chanson and pop, though the songs seem to be slowly gaining ascendancy over the spoken word. The album features material from their last 3 Edinburgh fringe shows with many live favourites including ‘Song For Germaine’ and ‘Upney Sidings’.
As always their inspired lyrical commentaries and observations cover every aspect of contemporary popular culture and are affecting, moving and shot through with irony, intelligence and humour. They manage to simultaneously exhibit both an affectionate understanding and a quiet despair for the momentous and the trivial concerns of the modern age. The subjects range from Germaine Greer to McFly, from J. G. Ballard to Skegness Beach, from the flag of Romania to London Chip shops, and everything in between. All human life is here.
Praveen Manghani’s production is more confident than ever and stronger at the bass end than on previous recordings. As good as it is though, one can imagine what a craftsman like The The’s Matt Johnson would do with this material, if they could persuade him in the producers chair.
Russell and Praveen’s intricate wordplay has always been a joy, but on this album they have taken great  strides with the musical content and it contains a number of gorgeous melodies, particularly the aching melancholy of ‘The Secret Dream Of Neil Tenant’ and the Zappa-ish ‘Little P.C.’ Here we have an album that pulls off the rare trick of being both original and accessible.
Steve Lake  

A selection of Project Adorno songs can be listened to below:
Library Library
Tom Baker
Song For Germaine
Upney Sidings
Dollis Hill
Mr Paxman
(video courtesy of Nick Timotheou)

Lyrics for Dancing Round the Dining Room


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