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Electro pop & cabaret performance act employing voice, electronic sounds, a few props and occasional acoustic guitar. Imagine Theodor Adorno's "Aesthetic Theory" distilled into Chas & Dave singing an MA paper, or alternatively the FT letters page as sung by Soft Cell, and you get the general idea. Project Adorno have also written and performed a number of art-house multimedia productions including biographical interpretations of Derek Jarman, Dennis Potter and, most recently, the Brontës. These works include film, spoken samples and found sound in addition to songs and poems.

Latest Activity

Queer Pop
Words, beats, tunes & tales featuring…

Project Adorno
Songs and spoken word exploring gender fluidity, the confusion of non-conformity, and the snap and crackle of popular culture as an 80s child comes of age in discovering their true identity. Witty, playful and poignant lyrics set to an electro-pop soundtrack.
Song of true identity by Project Adorno
From the Album On becoming Blousey Brown

Drunk Keith!
Low fidelity infidelities and left field electro pop channelling the acerbic wit of Luke Haines and Mark E. Smith alongside the perverse pop aesthetic of Momus and Mozart Estate. Oblique and highly amusing narratives where counter cultural identity and idiosyncratic eccentricities collide. 
Perfumed Ponces by Drunk Keith!

Queer Pop live performance coming soon! Watch this space for details


Jarman in Pieces 2024
On the 30th anniversary year of Jarman's death Project Adorno will be performing special performances of their acclaimed Jarman in Pieces show. 
Filmmaker, painter, gay rights activist, author, gardener – Derek Jarman packed many roles into a short life. Twenty years from his death, his standing has never been higher. And yet he remains a contradictory figure: a self-effacing exhibitionist, a well-to-do RAF child who embraced the possibilities of punk. For decades, he was a thorn in the establishment’s side and yet is now dangerously close to something he would have hated – the status of national treasure. 

A performance collage comprising original songs, film, interviews with people who knew Jarman, ambient sounds and spoken word that aims to celebrate these contrasts rather than reconcile them. 
“A multi-media experience with a good deal of entertaining and thought-provoking music” 
ScotsGay magazine.

Weds 21 February 2024 Bom-Bane’s Café, 24 George Street, Brighton, BN2 1RH
Show time 7.30pm (1 hour performance, no interval)

More details and further shows to be added

On becoming Blousey Brown (Mar 2023) - listen online at Soundcloud
Pop songs exploring gender-fluidity as an '80s child comes of age in discovering their true identity. Written over the course of a year, the songs represent a personal journey through gender, difference, popular culture and how one wishes to present to the world. Viewed contemporaneously, from a middle-aged perspective, the songs inevitably unlock memories of a childhood that only with hindsight point to the person one might become.

Live performance as part of Brighton Fringe on Fri 2 & Sat 3 June 2023. Details here.

Virtually - Project Adorno Album (Aug 2021) - listen online
Words and music blurring the boundaries between the real and the unreal. Explorations in make-believe, what-ifs, truths and deceptions. As analogue sensibilities fuse with digital artifice do we really know what is real anymore, and does it really matter? 

When Morten Harket Hit the High Notes - Project Adorno album (June 2020)- listen online 
A collection of songs exploiting PA's favourite themes: reminiscence, nostalgia, evocation and memory. It's very pop and very 1980s.


Project Adorno at Dodo Modern Poets - Virtual Gig (May 2020) 
A lock-down special featuring songs old and new as Project Adorno perform in real-time from different locations - the results are somewhat amusing.

Last updated on 11 November 2023

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