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Electro Pop and Performance Poetry - Project Adorno are a cabaret double act employing voice, electronic sounds, a few props and occasional acoustic guitar. They write songs and poems with subject matter ranging from the surreal to the nonsensical, including the smell of second-hand books, love affairs with Daleks and photocopiers, and poems about old computer games. 

Project Adorno have also written and performed a number of art-house multimedia productions including biographical interpretations of Derek Jarman, Dennis Potter and, most recently, the Bronts. These works tend to include film, spoken samples and found sound in addition to songs and poems.

Virtually - new Project Adorno Album - listen online (Aug 2021)
When Morten Harket Hit the High Notes - listen online (June 2020)
Project Adorno at Dodo Modern Poets - Virtual Gig (May 2020)

Last updated on 19 January 2022

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