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Project Adorno, Virtually...a new selection of words and music blurring the boundaries between the real and the unreal. Explorations in make-believe, what-ifs, truths and deceptions, fact vs fantasy, the past, the present and the future inexorably intertwined, identities and expression in flux. As analogue sensibilities fuse with digital artifice do we really know what is real anymore, and does it really matter? Artificial Intelligence or Real Stupidity...or somewhere in-between? As David Bowie once said, it's confusing these days. Best listened to loud and late. Aug2021
1. Digital
2. Andy's Party
3. The Machine Stops
4. Music in Me
5. Granny Came Back
6. Hans Bellmer's Favourite Things
7. What Makes a Man a Woman
8. View Through Satie's Window
9. Madame is on the Phone (A Song of Self Indulgence)
10. Virtual
11. All You Leave Behind
12. Gender Jangle Free
Lyrics coming soon...

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