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Brontė Beat

Brontė Beat is the new show by multimedia artists Project Adorno. It includes samples from interviews with Professor Dinah Birch (University of Liverpool); Diane Fare, Marie Lagerwall & Kayleigh Ennis from the Brontė Parsonage Museum; journalist Liz Hoggard, and authors Stuart Hobday, Nick Holland, Emily Midorikawa, Michael Stewart, Emma Claire Sweeney & Stephen Whitehead.                                                                                    

1  The Loneliness of Currer Bell (song) The last survivor of six siblings, Charlotte juggles fame and solitude, and thinks back to...  
2  Waterloo Day (spoken word) Much of the Brontės’ juvenile writings and imaginings were inspired by the exploits of the Duke of Wellington.                                                                                                   

3  Haworth Daily News (song) Based on one of Emily’s diary papers.                                                  

4  Law Hill (spoken word) It has been suggested that our sympathy should go out to any child unlucky enough to have had Emily or Charlotte as a tutor.                                                                       

5  House of Haworth (song) A celebration of the Parsonage Museum, its visitors and its venerable staff.      

6  Enoch of Warwick (spoken word) When the sisters published their first book, their Poems, only two people bought it. This is about one of them.       
7  Sisters in Literature (song) Years before the Arvon Foundation, the Brontės were engaging in mutually supportive writing workshops in a rural setting.                                                                                           
8  Diaeresis (song) Concerning that thing above the E. With observations on the gunstones of Horatio Nelson, Duke of Brontė.                 
9  One Half of Something (ambient) Michael Stewart’s personal odyssey from C60 cassettes to ‘shocking pictures of the worst forms of humanity’…                          

10  York Minster (spoken word) Anne Brontė’s favourite places, pt 1.  

11  Scarborough, To Die For (song)  Anne Brontė’s favourite places, pt 2.            

12  Blue John (spoken word) Charlotte and Ellen Nussey (her best friend, dare we forget) take a holiday in the Peak District.   
13  Best Selling Novel of the Season (song) Just as Charlotte’s star rose, so her world crashed down around her.              

14  His Mark on the World (ambient) Branwell Brontė is nowadays chiefly remembered for what he failed to do. A fair assessment?      

15  Northangerland (spoken word) An encounter with the most enduring figure from Branwell’s extensive corpus of unpublished fiction.                                                         

16  She Writes On (song) and creates Villette – to many people, her masterpiece.      
17  Arthur Bell Nicholls (song) aka Mr Charlotte: a much maligned figure in Brontė lore, but arguably the most dignified keeper of the flame.            
18  Joy of Brontė (song) Charlotte had enough trouble with the PR of the mid nineteenth century. How would she have coped with today’s?                                                                                                    
19  The Whole Mythology (ambient) Our interviewees reflect on genius, vampires and coming back to the fold.              

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