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One minute manifesto
What is Project Adorno? Here we present a list of what is (and what is not) Project Adorno - a "mini manifesto" of sorts:
Project Adorno is about electronics, it's about semantics, poetics, words, sounds, experimental antics, rants and scams, fads and phases, phrases, oh....and music, ...because the music plays forever...

Project Adorno used to be about multimedia, film, video, super 8, editing suites, televisions, 4-track tape recorders, cheap amps, reverberation units, left and right handed electric and acoustic guitars, lyrics (both serious and frivolous).

Project Adorno values communication, participation, collaboration, the mix & match, pick & mix of styles ideals, ideas, diverse cultural identities.....fusion, confusion and inconsistencies (sometimes).

Project Adorno recommend hero worship to keep one young, keen spirited, enthusiastic and positive, but warn against total obsessive adulation unless accompanied by ironic sensibilities.

Project Adorno stands against bigotry, censorship, all narrow and small minded points of view, xenophobia, discrimination, harassment, goaders, chiders, patronising loud mouths, do-gooders, the "me first" brigade.

Project Adorno welcomes creativity, art, craft and concentration, homemade aesthetics, cakes and quiches, DIY ethics, but not the rise of DIY per se...change, futurism, nostalgia whilst realising that it can often restrict progression.

Project Adorno has been, at various points past, about Mylau, Strasbourg, Edinburgh, Stockhausen, Satie, not needing to worry, digi-culture, visual culture, the creation of a no-nation, no-nonsense multi-universe.

For Project Adorno see also Keynotes, 3 notes, sequencers, samplers, dodgy drum ethos, the adrenalin rush of the perfect pop single....

"2am, Monday 11 September 1995. Townhouse Studios, Goldhawk Rd, West London. Synthetic strings that the Pet Shop Boys would kill for, a sweeping melody the size of Texas, a jungle break beat careering out of control way above 160 beats per minute. The track was sounding brilliant. Why did we ever want to give up making pop music?"
Bill Drummond
June 2000

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